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The Shakespeare MiscellanyThe Shakespeare Miscellany
This compilation, in the tradition of the Victorian miscellany, gathers together essential facts and fascinating insights into the plays and poems, the man behind them (insofar as this is known), and the context in which he worked. Put together by an actor and a linguist - the pair who brought you 'Shakespeare's Words' (25000 copies sold to date) - it is a quirky, illuminating and endlessly interesting. Topics covered include lost plays, what he would have studied at school, Shakespeare's pronunciation, why the Globe burned down and the difference between a Folio and a Quarto.

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The Shakespeare Miscellany Tour Dates

David and Ben Crystal
Performance recorded at the Hay Festival 2005

David and Ben Crystal Interview from the Hay Festival
Interview with the authors on BBC Radio Wiltshire

These were the dates for the 2005 tour:
9th April Weatherhead Media Arts College, Liverpool
10th April Oxford Literary Festival
16th April Oxford Literary Festival
13th May Shakespeare Centre, Stratford-upon-Avon
21st May Bristol Festival of Ideas
3rd June Hay on Wye, Literature Festival
18th June British Libarary - Best of Hay
9th July Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead
October 16th Woodstock Literature Festival
November 27th Peak Festival of Writing

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